Friday, December 23, 2011



One of the loveliest birds on the earth.
When ever i see a peacock face to face a kind of deep love arises in me..I just love this bird for no reason.Love to watch and take photos...That too in a sunny day it looks majestic.

I always feel like having a peacock at home and spend my time with her..But my compassion also stop doing so.Because, it is so beautiful, when it lives in its freedom and grow along with its preferred natural environment.Though it can be pet..but still, it is so beautiful, when it dance just before the rain comes..What a awesome feathers it has..The bottle ink blue colors really nourishes ones heart just by seeing.We gave great privilege to this peacock.It is the National bird of India.The peacock also considered the pet of Lord Subramanya.(son of Siva)

During my schooldays i happen to be there a place name called 'ETTAYAPURAM' near Tutucourin(Birth place of Barathi).There in the paddy field one can find hundreds of peacock together..I don't think anywhere else you can see in this huge numbers!!

My tender childhood memory still persist...
we used to preserve this peacock feathers in between books pages and open book often and see everyday weather its grown up!! we also see, as if it give birth(Kutti potrukka!!) and the feathers is fragile and it broken and we see etc nos and thing that its produced some more!! what a funny days!!

Let us show love to this bird and protect it and grow it more and more.

i do think why peacock is the pet animal of Lord Muruga!!The Mythology might have some purpose. This peacock is a very soft/passive in nature and the people may easily harm this bird. so may be for that reasons the myth added, it is the pet of lord.So people may not attack ; rather love this bird.The hidden meaning could be this!! What you say?

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